Saturday, November 3, 2007

November Cooks and Brewers Meeting

We had a great day with most people cooking and one brew being tried. We have started a new blog for the brewers so they can keep track of their brews and chat about brewing stuff. Let me know if you want on it.

Attendees: Nicolette, Rudolf, Breana, Gwir, Gwynfor, Thorfin, Adrian Neggerstein (Tim), Isobel, Quinton, Adrienne, Thomasina and Miles (plus Peregrin, Marcus and Ashley)

Dishes cooked and tasted:
Both Gwir verch Madog and Isobel discussed recipe / menu choices for their Soirees.
Quinton "brewed" an apple cider.

It as suggested that we do a funky food shopping day, berry picking and and Oktoberfest type feast next year. Adrian, who lived in Germany for many years, is very keen to do some real German traditional cooking and provided us with our first challenge German Raviolis. More details as we go on all of that.

Note to attendees: Please feel free to type in recipes if you like, Ive oly put up the photos.

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