Sunday, March 2, 2008

Border Wars Feast Menu

Greetings Nicolette and the guild,

The feast menu was compiled from 'The original Mediterranean Cuisine' by Barbara Santich. Published by Wakefield Press in south Australia (I'm sure you must have it). Mine is falling apart from frequent usage. ISBN- 1 86254 331 3

Please note-
  • We didn't make the pasta, the was 'Latina spinach and ricotta agnolotti' (why bother when you can buy it).
  • The Ciabatta came from Baker's Delight.
  • All vegetable dishes had meat removed to make them vegetarian friendly and cooked with vegetable stock.
  • We add the almond meal to dishes rather than just using the milk as we find it is a great bulker.
A copy of the menu is below. It's such a lovely compliment when people want you're work.

Also planning to write an article for Cockatrice regarding SCA with some tricks I've picked up in the way from my years of working in the mundaneindustry.
Thomasina Freborn.

Border Wars Feast Menu.

Remove 1
"Di Limonia di polli", Chicken in lemon sauce.
"Casola de carn", Lamb casserole.
"De la foglie minute, et dei finocchi", Spinach/silver beet with herbs.
"Con fresche fave", Broadbeans/peas with mint and parsley.
"Rafioli commun de herbe vantazati", Ricotta and herb ravioli.
"Aros ab let de amelles", Rice cooked in almond milk.
Remove 2
"Pastizi de vitella in tegamo", Minced veal with prosciutto and currants.
"Potatage de calamars", Calamari with almonds, currants and pine nuts.
"Ciurons tendres ab let de melles", Chick peas with herbs.
"Alberginies..altra manera", Stuffed aubergines.
"Salsa a bolets", mushrooms with onions and herbs.
"Torta commune, Cheesecake.

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