Sunday, March 2, 2008

March Cooks and Brewers Guild

Attendees: Gwir, Professor Adrian, Teffania, Thorfin, Isobel, Adrienne, Saban, Gwynfor, Nicolette, Rudolf, Breana,(Peregrin and Ashley)

Most people today where working on festival preps, though we did get a bit of food cooked. Gwynfor was working on methods of keeping our food dry, Sabine and Isobel where sewing garb and Nicolette was just being administrative.

Mistress Adrienne remembered our topic and brought a wide selection of peppers for us to try. They included: Black Peppercorns, Green Peppercorns, Long Pepper, Tasmanian Pepper Berries, and one other (which I cant remember)

Mistress Adrienne also provided us with delightful beverages, derived from a White Lady, she called a Lady in Red.

I believed that Professor Adrian shamed Gwir into cooking and she then not only helped him with his Progees, but made Bubble and Squeek, a Peach Pie and Strawberry Tarts.

Professor Adrian had been wanting to try Progees for a while and they turned out to be a childhood favorite of Gwir's, so the two of them produced a delightfully filling platter of them, covered in bacon.

Teffania delighted us with varies trials of Sekanjabin, white sugar, brown sugar, mint, orange, to name a few.

This month I have added all the photos here. If and when the recipes get put up, Ill link them to this post. But I hope this will fix the problem with editing we had last month

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Teffania said...

peppers- I also saw cubeb (the one that looks like black peppercorns with a stem attached) and grains of paradise.