Sunday, January 13, 2008

January 2008 - Cooks and Brewers Meeting

Attendees: Nicolette, Gwynfor, Gwir, Professor Adrian, Teffania, Thorfin, Isobel, Adrienne, Dizzy, Gunnar, Rudolf (Peregrin and Ashley)

Recipes cooked on the day:
Dizzy got stuff to do some Mead brewing and we wish her all the luck in her brewing.

As it was our beginning of the year meeting, we did a quick planning session. Here is what I wrote down:
  • Web Blog - seems to be working
  • Add label on blog for Good shopping places
  • 2 Soirees on the way, Gwirs is just about ready to find a date and Isobel needs a bit more time, but well underway
  • Would like to look at other venues for a couple of Guild meetings this year, Tiffania, Ava and Abbotsford will be approached.
NOTE: I will add links as the are put up, if I have the photo up, please just edit to add the recipe.

1 comment:

Teffania said...

I don't recall making apple fritters.
I did begin to make tart of prunes, and took it home to finish.