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Rosewater Recipies links

Since a theme of rosewater tasting has been proposed for January Cook's guild, recipes using rosewater seem useful to have to hand. I'm just searching my way through this list here, from top of the century list to as 1700. Individual recipes haven't been searched, only collections. Oh how I wish for a search engine programmed to search all the sites listed on that links page.


from Libro di cucina/ Libro per cuoco
  • V. Blancmange.
  • VI. Chickens with broth
  • VII. Good relish for chickens.
  • LII Good pastry of kid
"First printed Nordic Cookbook" (1616) mentions "Rosenvand" several times. I'm guessing it's rosewater, but that still leaves the rest of the recipes to be translated.
Du fait de cuisine

  • 10. For a lofty entremet
  • [Latin] Note: for the sick. (a magic potion)
Manual de mugeres (16th century Spanish)

  • Recipe for making hojaldes
  • Recipe for making cakes of chicken breasts
  • Recipe for conserve of alojas
  • Recipe to dress a capon to the Florentine use
  • Recipe for making fritters
  • Recipe for royal paste
  • Recipe for marchpanes
A Book of Cookrye, 1591
  • To make sauce for a capon an other way.
  • To stue a Capon in Lemmons.
  • To stue Sparrowes or Larkes.
  • To still a cock for a weake body that is consumed.
  • To make a Chickin Pye.
  • To bake a Pig like a Fawne.
  • To make Florentines with Eeles for Fish dayes.
  • To make a Florentine.
  • How to make Chuets.
  • Another to bake Quinces.
  • To make a Tarte of Prunes.
  • Tarts of Damsons without a cover.
  • Tartes of Apples with covers.
  • Tarte of Strawberies.
  • How to make a good Marchpaine.
  • How to make Tostes.
  • To make an Apple Moise. To make a dish of Snow
  • To make white Ginger bread.
  • To make Almond Butter.
  • To make Conserve of Orenges.
  • To preserve Orenges.
  • To make sirup of Violets.
  • To make Cherries in confection.
  • Marmalade of Quinces or any other thing.
Das Kuchbuch der Sabrina Welserin (1553)
  • 22 If you would make good marzipan
  • 36 To make an English tart
  • 51 Almond chanterelles
  • 63 How one should prepare Zerena
  • 76 An almond tart
  • 78 An egg tart
  • 81 An almond tart
  • 94 To make a good almond pudding
  • 106 To make an herb tart
  • 108 If you would make a white tart
  • 111 If you would make almond cheese
  • 112 To make an almond pudding
  • 122 To make a cream tart
  • 129 An egg tart with beaten eggs
  • 131 To make a pear tart
  • 132 A cinnamon tart
  • 135 An egg tart
  • 137 An egg tart
  • 138 An almond tart
  • 143 An almond tart
  • 147 A good pastry
  • 163 To make N√ľrnberger Lebkuchen (they are period, yay!)
  • 180 Sugar holliplen[18]
  • 182 If you would make a white aspic
  • 183 If you would make blomenschir [ Blancmange]
  • 190 To fry small holliplen
Wel ende edelike spijse (Dutch, 1500)

A Book of Cookrye, 1591
  • How to make a Tart of Brier hips.

Rose petals:
(Forme of Cury)
Also Forme of Cury, but can't find it on Cunnan: (from here)
  • XLI. For to make Rosee [1]. See also a redaction.
[nb: see my redaction made after this]

Two fifteenth-century cookery-books
  • .C. Roseye.
  • .Cviij. Prymerose.
  • .Cxxvj. Rede Rose.
  • .Cxxvij. Prymerose.

perfumes, cosmetics, treatments, etc using roses:
Manual de mugeres (16th century Spanish)
  • For little rose-pillows
  • Scented burning-sticks (incense) for the teeth
  • Remedy for the molars
  • Remedy for the pain in the side (as a stitch in the side) (rose oil)
  • Recipe for Damascus violet
  • Recipe for Alexandrian perfumes
  • Recipes for scented waters
  • To make water that smells a lot
  • To make clover water that's very fragrant
  • Softeners for the face
  • Comforting tablets for perfume using Rose sugar -what's that?
  • Unction for the breasts of women who have recently given birth
  • Perfume to make pellets of rose perfume
  • Mouthwash for the gums
  • Scented pellets for perfume
  • Powders to line the eyes
  • Recipe to make sallow ointment
  • Fine scented powder of Cyprus
  • Recipe for common perfumes
  • Mouthwash
  • Fine scented powders
  • Powders to dry tears and clear vision

Also found were mentions of things in the shape of roses, (even called rose) or the colour rosy.

Note rosewater goes from uncommon to ubiquitous as the centuries turn. And the same recipies appear time and time again.

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