Sunday, January 6, 2008

Sour Cherry Tart

This is recipe no. 123 from the Sabrina Welserin cookbook.

Orignal text in English: Take a pound of sour cherries and remove all of the pits. Afterwards take a half a pound of sugar and half an ounce of finely ground cinnamon sticks and mix the sugar with it. Next mix the cherries with it and put it after that in the pie shell made of good flour and let it bake in the tart pan.


Pie shell (dough as made in recipe 70)
1 tin (425 g) cherries
Scant 1/4 cup sugar
1 tps cinnamon


Make the tart dough. I used pitted, canned cherries (sweet not sour) and adjusted the sugar to make it not too sweet. I did put a top on the pie - the Welserin cookbook goes through a list of tarts from recipe 70 - and the instructions get briefer as the recipe goes on, so my assumption was that it is presumed that tarts are topped (where there is no topping this is explicitly stated). Bake in the hot oven 220 for about 15 minutes, I turned it down to 200 then. The pie came out a bit soupy, I didn't strain enough of the juice from the canned cherries. But nice anyway.

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