Monday, March 16, 2009

Caboches in Potage

"Cury" R 4 Caboches in Potage

Original Recipe

Take caboches and quarter hem seeth hem in gode broth with Oynouns y mynced and the whyte of Lekes y slyt and coure smale and do per to safroun an salt and force it with powdour douce.
Redaction for 6 - 10


0.4 whole cabbage
for poweder douce
3 medium onions

1 white only leek

beef stock fennel


recipe from eary french cooking
Grind together a pinch of anise and fennel seed in a mortar; I had fresh hyssop so I used a few leaves of that as well in the mix. Add a small pinch of sugar. I personally dislike powder douce, so used a very small pinch of that in the caboches.


I only used a quarter of a cabbage, this being tested for a cooks' guild. Mince the onions, and chop the whites of the leeks (I used up and slightly into the green of the leek). Simmer the vegetables in beef stock (commercial brand) until they are soft - cabbages don't need to cook forever, about 20 mintues to half an hour, is sufficient to soften them without making a mush. Dissolve a pinch of saffron in warm water, add to the vegetable stock. Salt to taste. Add powder douce to taste.

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