Sunday, August 17, 2008

Tart of Spinnage

Page 38
Take some cast creame, and seeth some spinnage in faire water till it be verie soft, then put it in a collender, that the water may soake from it: then let straine the sinnage, and caste the creame together, let there be good plenty of spinnage set it upon a chafingdish of coals, and put to it sugar and some butter, and let it boyle a while. Then put it in the paste, and bake it, and caste blanche powder on it, and so serve it in.
My redaction:
Boil a bunch of spinach in water, drain well.
Mix spinach and 600ml cream a sprinkling of sugar and a tablespoon of butter , put this in a fryingpan, boil together.
Put mixture into a pastry case and bake it.
Sprinkle (blanche powder) onto it immediately before serving.

Pastry (prebaked Shell)
See Tart of Egges, below.

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