Friday, December 28, 2007

Brouet vert d'oeufs et de fromage

Brouet vert d'oeufs et de fromage R. 87 - Green Brewet of Eggs and Cheese
Take parsley and a littlesage, with a very little saffron in this green and bread steeped in pea puree or boiled water; then add in ground ginger, infused in wine, and set it to boil; then add in cheese and eggs after they have been poached in water. it shoudl be thick and bright green. Some people do not put in any bread, but they do add almond milk.
No. Quantity Item P

0.5 cup parsley

0.4 cup sage

1 pinch saffron

2 cups pea puree

1 tsp ginger,

1 cup grated cheese

6 whole eggs poached


Chop the parsley and sage. Steep bread in pea puree. Mix the herbs with the puree, add in the ginger.

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Gwir said...

I tested this recipe, without using the pea puree, and it was thin but OK. Will use pea puree for the feast, and reduce the sage a bit. I'd never poached eggs before, but used Isobel's suggestion to swirl the water before dropping the egg in. So all good. Will also use galingale instead of ginger, as His Excellency Baron Rudolf is allergic to ginger.