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Menjoire R. 188

First, the meat which should be used: Young peacocks, pheasants or partridge, or if these cannot be found, plovers, cranes, larks or other small birds. The meat should be roasted on the spit and, when it is ialmost done, the large birds in particular - the small peackcks, pheasants or partridge, should be broken by their members and then fried in bacon grease in an iron pan; then put them into the pot in which the pottage is to be made. To make this bouillon you need the broth of a knuckle of beef, and white bread toasted on the grill and set the bread to soak in this broth and strain it; then you need ground cassia buds, cinnamon, Mecca ginger, a few cloves, long pepper and grains of paradise and a quantity of hippocras suitable for the amount of pottage you want to make; infuse these spices together in the hippocras, add them to the pot with the meat and the broth, and boil everythign together, with a very little vinegar and let it only just come to the boil; and put in an adequate amount of sugar. Dpeending upon the person making it, this pottage can be dressed with glazed wafers on top, or with red or white anise, or it can be sprinkled with pomegranite seeds.
Per table (10 to a table

No. Quantity Qantity Item

whole birds pheasants

TBS bacon grease

cup beef broth

slices white bread

tsp cassia

tsp cinnamon

tsp ginger

whole cloves

whole long pepper

whole grains of paradise

cups hippocras

TBS vinegar

tsp sugar

whole pomegranite


Spit roast the meat. When almost done, dismember and fry in bacon fat. Meanwhile, saok the bread in the bouillon and add the spices. Infuse and then strain. Add the hippocras to the strainedmixture, and the meat, add a bit of vinegar and cook on a very low boil. Add some sugar if desired. To serve, top with anise seeds or pomegranite seeds.

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