Friday, December 28, 2007



Take Veel oþer Moton and smite it to gobettes seeþ it in gode broth. cast þerto erbes yhewe gode wyne. and a quantite of Oynouns mynced. Powdour fort and Safroun. and alye it with ayren and verious. but lat not seeþ after.

No. Quantity Item For 40

500 grams Lamb, diced, or beef 3 kilos

2 med onions 8 onions

10 grams lard

1.5 cups beef broth* (stock cubes = liquid) 3 cups beef broth

0.5 cups red wine* 1 cup red wine

4 TBS verjuice* 8 TBS verjuice

*makes enough for 2 tables

0.5 tsp thyme 1 tsp thyme

4 TBS parsley 0.5 cup parsley

0.5 tsp hyssop 1 tsp hyssop

4 TBS sage 0.5 cup sage

Powder fort pinch powder fort

1 pinch saffron pinch saffron

pinch salt if needed

Preheat oven to 180 degrees C. If using stock cubes, use 1.5 cubes per 1.5 cups water. Heat water and add cubes. Add red wine and verjuice, mix thoroughly. Heat skillet; add bacon grease - enough to coat the pan. Sear the lamb (Use pre-diced) in the bacon fat. Remove and put in casserole dish. Sautee the onions in bacon fat until they are lightly translucent; transfer them to the casserole dish. Add in the broth, to cover the meat. Add in the spices. Mix well, cover, and bake for about 3-4 hours. Check and adjust seasoning - add a pinch of salt if needed. Serve hot.

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