Friday, December 28, 2007

Layt Larde

Layt larde R. 200 - Larded Milk

Set milk to boil on the fire, get beaten egg yolks, then take the milk down off the fire, place it on some coals and pour the eggs into it. Should you wish ti for a meat day, take rashers of bacon, cut them into two or three pices and put them with the milk to boil and shoudl you wish it for a fish day, you should not put any bacon in it; but add in wine or verjuice before it is taken down in order ot make it curdle. Then take it off the fire and put it in a clean cloth and let it drain, and wrap it in two or three laywers of the cloth and squeeze it until it is as hard as beef liver. Then put it on a talbe an dcut it into slices the size of the palm of your hand or of three fingers; interlard them with cloves and fry then until they are russet coloured. Set them out garnished with sugar.
No. Quantity Qantity Item

cups milk

yolks eggs

cups vinegar

TBS cloves

oil for frying

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