Friday, December 28, 2007

Soiree Menu

Seasonal fruits; Bread & Butter

For the Nobility

For the Clergy

First remove

First Remove - Fish

Venison with Cameline Sauce


Fresh cod r. 126


Brouet vert d'oeufs et de fromage r. 87
Custard Lombard

Custard Lombard (Lenten)

Second Remove

Second Remove - Fish
Roast Pork (or lamb)


Poullaile Farce


Crespes -

Crespes -

Pipes Farce

Pipes Farce

Lesser Pottage

Lesser Pottage

Third Remove

Third Remove

Small Birds and Rabbit


Quince in comfit or prenade (p. 287)

Layt Larde

Quince in comfit or prenade (p. 287)

Layt larde r. 200

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Gwir said...

Quince in Comfit

Many thanks to Celsa for proving a huge bag of divine quince. There is much quince paste to be had! I did 2 different versions of quince paste, one with and one without honey.

Chardwardon recipe from Take a Thousand Eggs vol 2 p. 281.

I cooked the quince and pears in white wine (moselle) until thick, put through strainer. Added sugar (in proportion) and cooked until it waxed thick. Poured some in the fish mold, cursed as forgot to add spices. Made spice mix - glingale, ginger, cinnamon and added to the rest; put in glass baking dishes; spread spices on top as well.

The honey quince is from the same recipe, just using honey instead of the sugar and using red wine instead of white. Same set of spices.