Friday, December 28, 2007

Moules (mussels) and Escrevices de mer (Lobster) and Green Garlic Sauce

Moules - Mussels R. 150

Clean them all of dirt and wash them three or four times, cook them in water with vinegar, with mint (parsley) if you wish. Serve them with spice powder and some people use fresh butter; eath them with vinegar or with green verjuice or green Garlic Sauce. Or if you wish, a stew can be made of them.
No. Quantity Qantity Item

dozen mussels


Wash the mussels thoroughly. Cook them in water with parsley. Serve with fresh butter and Green Garlic Sauce

Green Garlic Sauce - R. 158

Grind garlic, bread and greenery and steep this together in verjuice. This is an unboiled sauce.
No. Quantity Qantity Item

whole head garlic

slices bread

cup finely chopped green herbs - parsley, thyme, sage, etc.

Escrevices de mer: Lobsters R. 151

Cooked in wine and wter, or put in the oven; eaten in vinegar
No. Quantity Qantity Item

whole lobsters


Parboil the lobsters until cooked.

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Gwir said...

I will be using frozen mussel meat in the interests of health and safety after having a disaster with fresh mussels.

I washed them, scrubbed the buggers, washed them again, followed a mundane recipe for how to cook them and not one opened. Entire lot scrapped. So please suspend belief that the mussels are fresh....