Friday, December 28, 2007

Connins rostis

Connins rostis R. 39

Roast Rabbits. They should be parboiled, larded and set to roast; they are etaen with Cameline Sauce.
No. Quantity Qantity Item

whole birds rabbits


Spit roast the rabbits. Serve with Cameline Sauce.

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Gwir said...

Our butcher had rabbits, so I tried a baked rabbit. I basically combined r. 39 and 41. Using a rabbit , I plucked out the innards, seared it (should be on the spit but I used a fry pan), larded it with beef marrow and wrapped it in bacon. Roasted it on a rack over a bed of chopped onion and red wine and a splash of vinegar. Nice overall, I think for the soiree, I'll sear it, lard and wrap in bacon and catch the drippings in the fried onion/wine pan and serve together. Should be nice.