Friday, December 28, 2007


Frumenty R. 63

Clean grains of wheat in warm water, wrap it in a cloth and beat heavily on this with a pestle until all the chaff has separated, and wash it well and cook it in water; when it has cooked, mash it. Bring cow's milk to a boil, put the wheat into it and bring it to a boil again stirring frequently; remove this from the fire and stir frequently and add a great quantity of well beaten egg yolks and it should not be too hot then they are added; and some people add spices and a little saffron and venison water. It should be yellowish and quite thick.
1 cup whole wheat

1 cup milk

1 tsp saffron

3 egg yolks


Clean the grain and beat it while it is wrapped in a cloth. Wash well and cook until thick in water. Boil the milk, add the crushed wheat. After it's thickened, remove from heat, allow to cool slightly and then add the egg yolks, Add spices to taste and the venison water.

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