Saturday, September 1, 2007

Master Gwynfor Lwyd

I have had many ideas come from Master Gwynfor on what he would like to do and I wasn't sure if he had decided yet, so I asked him. The working title he gave me was:

Gwynfor's Gregariously Gastronomic Gala for Garrolous Gourmands

So it's simple, like him. Hopefully we will get him to post his ideas soon

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Master G said...

I'm starting on the ideas for my feast. At the moment I'm vacillating between three themes:
1 - 11thC Anglo-Saxon
2 - Vedic Indian
3 - 16thC Ottoman

I would like to have the time to actually constrcut the cooking equipment for the feast, too.

Each has it's appeal. The Anglo-Saxon because I have already done some work in that area, and I have the appropriate clothing. The Indian because it's new territory, mostly leap of faith and could be very funky (a source of fresh field mice could be hard to pin down, though). Finally the Ottoman because I love the food, and we can have coffee and sweets. It also could be extra-ordinarily decadent held in summer in pavilions.

I'm willing to hear what others would like me to do, and act accordingly. After all, this isn't about me, it's about me being able to give good friends a dining experience.