Monday, September 3, 2007

Rehragout (Deer Ragout)

Eine Sauce für Rehfleisch

Nimm das Rehfleisch, salz eds mäßig, laß es kochen. Tu Petersilie darauf und Salbei und gehackten Speck; wenn er gar gekocht ist, so nimm Rinde von Roggenbrot, Ingwer, Pfeffer, Essig. Mach darauf eine Sauce, laß es damit aufkochen und trag es auf.

For 6 (for 20 for 60) Ingredient
750 g (2.6 K; 7.8 K) Deer, bite size pieces
1 L (1.5 L; 4 L) Buttermilk
75 g (250 g; 750 g) Bacon
10 g (30 g; 90 g) Lard
1 Tblsp (3 Tblsp; ½ c) Flour
1 bunch (1 ½ bunches; 3 bunches) Parsley
3-4 leaves (1 Tblsp; 3 Tblsp) Sage
2 slices (6 slices; 1 loaf) Bread, Rye
300 ml (900 ml; 1.8 L) Stock
1 cm (3 cm; 9 cm) Ginger
2 Tblsp (½ c; 1 ½ c) Vinegar, Apple Cider

Cut deer into bite size pieces, and soak in buttermilk for 24 hours. Rinse and dry. Cube bacon and fry with lard. Sprinkle flour over and allow to cook lightly. Add deer pieces, cook, add salt. Finely chop the parsley and sage and add to meat. Put on low heat for 45 minutes to stew.

In the meanwhile, peel the ginger and grate. With the crumbed rye bread, add to the boiling meat. Add vinegar, pepper and salt to taste.

NFN: I couldn’t find any buttermilk. As this step was to start breaking done the meat, and the meat I had purchased was ready for cooking, we ignored this step. After all ingredients where added, the stew was left on a very low flame for 7 hours, stiring every so often. We also used a bit more ginger than called for.

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