Saturday, September 1, 2007

September Cooks Guild Meeting

We had a lovely time today. Weather perfect and company delightful.

Present where: Nicolette, Throfin, Rudolf, Gwynfor, Gwir, Emma, Teffania, Justin, Isobel, Hal, Dizzy, Aelesia, Vera and Tim and then the juniors Emily, Belle, Peregrin, Harrison, Marcus and Susan.

Dishes cooked and tasted:
  • Wafers - Gwir
  • Tarts, Quince & ? - Gwir and Justin
  • Strawberry & Apple Cordial - Isobel
  • Lemon Cordial - Tim
  • Multi Cordials, Lavender, Sekanjabin, Rose, Orange & Cardamon - Teffania
  • Angel Food - Emma
  • Quince Jams - Teffania
  • Green Cabbage - Emma
We decided to trial the blog for the entry of documents and for comments. We are experimenting on this, so we will add guild lines as we go. I have kept it a private blog, so only those invited will have access. For now, try it and see how it evolves.

For this month, I will continue the old way on the web page, while we figure out the structure. The page can be found at

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